Klein Karoo

International Leather

It has been an adventurous 60 years’ drive in which Klein Karoo established its expertise and reputation in the ostrich industry.

Klein Karoo is now the benchmark for ostrich products, ranging from the Hallmark of Quality ostrich leather to ostrich feathers and ostrich meat. The “Blue Ostrich” trademark is widely known and Klein Karoo's ostrich leather is held in high regard by many couturiers such as Hermès, Gucci, Prada, Loewe and Louis Vuitton.

Leading American Western Boot manufacturers, including Lucchese and Justin, also rank among the users of our exotic leather. Our ostrich leather is known and appreciated as a high quality product, particularly among affluent and discerning customers.

The automotive market is our new frontier.

“Genuine ostrich leather will set the standard by which luxury is defined in automotive interior design.”

Ostrich leather engages new drive in automotive industry

For years, our ostrich leather has been incorporated into the world’s finest Haute Couture creations. Now the natural beauty and exquisite qualities of our ostrich leather add the same touch of exclusivity to the interior of motor vehicles.

Given the high demands posed by the automotive industry regarding quality and durability, we have embarked on an intensive research programme and acquired new skills essential to producing excellent automotive ostrich leather. Our efforts have been rewarded and our ostrich leather meets the stringent requirements of the world’s foremost automobile manufacturers. Since the requirements of manufacturers differ, skins are tanned and finished to comply with the exact specifications of each of our automotive clients individually.