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The size of the article to be made is largely the deciding factor. For instance, a large handbag with big panels would require First or Second grades skins in order to cut the panel size required, whereas a wallet or shoes could easily be cut using Third or possibly Fourth grade skins, as it is possible to move the pattern around in order to cut the item.

The quality of the skin does not differ within the grades but the cutting value sometime does. As the higher grades have less blemishes over the skin it is possible to cut larger panels from higher grade skins.

The primary crown or quilled area is visually inspected for defects the grading derived thereof. The area is divided into 4 quarters – should the skin be without blemish or have blemishes in one quarter it is a First Grade, in two quarters a Second grade, in three a Third and four a Fourth. The overall appearance of the skin or its “aesthetic appeal” is also taken into consideration.

Ostrich leather is exotic leather like crocodile or alligator. Using ostrich leather in an article automatically increases the value of that item in terms of luxury and status.

Any item that can be made of leather can be made using ostrich leather. Klein Karoo has a wide range of different finishes which have either technical or aesthetic properties which make them suitable for a particular use.

Classic Finish ostrich leather is pigmented leather. This results in colour that is more even across the skin with less contrast between the quills and valleys. The finish is also more matt in appearance.

Saddle Finish ostrich leather is drum dyed to achieve the colour, then a transparent topcoat is applied and hand polished. This creates the light sheen and highlights the contrast between the quills and valleys. This is the most popular of all finishes.

Providing the colour is part of our regular production i.e. not a custom colour or special finish, there is no minimum. However if a colour match is needed there is a minimum of 25 skins order required.

It is drum dyed leather, rather than pigmented leather.

1-2 weeks must be allowed for Klein Karoo’s Research and Development department to match the colour. After that the regular production time of 4 weeks applies.

4 weeks from order providing capacity is available.

The Klein Karoo range includes over 400 colours, but it is possible to develop almost any colour.

On Average 130-140 dm² or 14-15 ft² – each skin has the size clearly marked in square decimetres and square feet on the label on the reverse of the skin.

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