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Leather Finishes

Body skins yield both the distinctive prominently quilled leather and smooth areas. The former is known as full quill leather and is the most sought after. The leather has a “valley and hill” grain pattern that lends itself to contrasting effects.

This is the flagship of all KLEIN KAROO leather. It is a full grain, drum dyed, full aniline leather with a light clear finish and polished to accentuate the natural grain pattern with a lively silky sheen and dry feel.

Full grain skins tanned to a soft, silky feel with good water resistant properties.

Full grain, waxy feels leather, lightly polished to a soft two-tone effect.

Full grain, soft leather with a light spray-finish to enhance the silky feel.

Full grain semi-matt, pigmented, level colour with natural grain pattern.

Full grain, pigmented finish leather with a contrasting topcoat, allowing the manufacturer to brush the topcoat off to reveal a rich two-tone effect.

Full grain, pigmented leather with a distinctive metallic sheen.

Sprayed pigmented leather, polished with burnished tips to accentuate contrast between the tips and valleys of the skin. The leather is more resistant to the effects of heavy use.

Sprayed pigmented leather, lightly polished and the leather is more resistant to the effects of heavy use.

Specifically tanned and finished full grain leather for use in the automotive industry.

Full grain, pigmented leather, lightly polished with the addition of specialised products to give a soft silky feel.

Full grain, soft tanned leather finished with various methods to produce a warm and silky hand.

With its broad band of scales down the middle, leg leather resembles reptile skin rather than traditional ostrich leather. Because leg skins yield narrow strips of leather, it is mostly used for small leather items and footwear.

Leg skin, glazed to a high gloss, mirror type finish that accentuates the distinctive reptile-like pattern.

A full grain, soft leg skin, polished to a waxy two-tone appearance.

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